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There are many aspects to a new home that a person can find himself or herself falling in love with. For those who enjoy spending time with friends and family, having a home fit for guests is top of this list. Donna, a new townhouse owner in Saskatoon reflects on her new surroundings.

“I love my new townhouse,” says Donna, who is a new Saskatoon townhouse owner through Riverbend Developments. “It feels spacious and great for entertaining, while still having enough space for my office and guest room.”

They say that kitchens sell houses (which is great if you’re looking for a resale investment), but they also make the house a home. Anyone who has tried to prepare a big holiday meal while people drink wine and children run underfoot, knows the value of having a well-designed area in which to accomplish your tasks, while being the consummate host.

“I really love the island in the kitchen,” says Donna, “it gives great workspace! The granite and soft close cupboards are just awesome. I can’t believe how much storage is in the kitchen and the walk in pantry is just fabulous.”

The new townhouse owner is especially fond of being able to work in the kitchen, while not having to be hidden away as you are in some closed off homes. She can be standing over the stove or doing kitchen prep, while having a conversation with a guest in the dining room, thanks to an amazing layout.

“The open concept between kitchen and dining and living area are the best for entertaining,” Donna points out. In some townhomes, and even in some single-family homes, your guests might have to climb the stairs into your more private bedroom areas in order to use the restroom. But not at Donna’s place.

“[It’s] just wonderful to have a powder room handy on the main level,” she says.

You don’t know the true meaning of friends and family until you can stand among them in your home, breaking bread and offering them your hospitality. It’s a lifestyle that Donna is truly thrilled about in her new townhome.

“I love to entertain,” she says, “and everyone just loves my house!”

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