Saskatchewan New Home Warranty Program

While most builders adhere strictly to building codes and other forms of quality assurance, it never hurts to have assurances, especially with a purchase as major as your new home. Things like structural issues can occur in the building process, and it’s better to have a warranty and not need it, then need a warranty and not have it. If you’re looking at a Saskatoon condo for sale, ask your realtor if the condo is covered by the Saskatchewan New Home Warranty Program (NHWP).

The program itself was formed by the building industry in the 70s, to provide homebuyers confidence in builders and protect their investments. There is a specific Saskatchewan program that is part of the Canadian Home Warranty Council.

The New Home Warranty Program is a third party that exists to provide a guarantee of the builder’s warranty and perform the builder’s obligations if they default. If your builder doesn’t respond to your issues, the program will step in and make sure a dialogue is opened. They will work with you to determine the cause of your home issues and what the builder’s responsibilities might be.   If it is found the builder is liable, the Warranty Program works with the builder to set deadlines on repairs.

The Warranty covers things like deposit protection, workmanship and materials for a year, water leaks for two years, and major structural defects for five years. So you can rest easy at night, knowing that if something major happens in the first few years of life in your new condo, you’re protected.

Of course, good builders don’t try to shirk their responsibility, and in fact, membership in the New Home Warranty Program is not only there to protect the consumer, but also to guide them to builders in good standing with the program. The seal of the Warranty Program is an indication of quality assurance.

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