Comparing Condos and Townhouses: Which is Best for You?

While there are plenty of people who might assume that condo and townhouses are pretty much the same thing, those people would be wrong. In most cases, condos and townhouses are like apples and oranges. There are a good variety of condos and Saskatoon townhouses for sale, but how do you decide which one is right for you? The answer comes in the form of a question — how do you live your life? Do you want to own a little patch of land? Or do you just want to live in the space in between four walls? The first one is a condo, the latter is a townhouse.

A townhouse has ‘house’ in the name for a reason — simply because it’s closer in style to a house. You have a yard and often more square footage and space. The flipside is that because a townhouse has exteriors, you might also have some maintenance responsibilities. But if you have kids that need a yard to play in, or you like a private space to barbecue with friends and family, then a townhouse is probably the way to go.

This, of course, means that in a condo, you have less privacy and space, but that’s not always a bad thing. Remember, it depends on your lifestyle. In a condo, you have very little accountability towards looking after the outside, because there’s no yard to speak of. You can often also have a greater sense of community because you share spaces with your neighbor, like recreation and games rooms, or even just the hallways.

Condos and townhouses can often be lumped together because people consider them an alternative to a single family home, but they really are very different. One isn’t better than the other, or better than a single family home — it just depends on your budget and your lifestyle. You need to ask yourself some of these questions and look at the things that make you comfortable in a home before making a decision

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